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60                            LETTERS   FROM   THE

of letters written to them by him in 1771, when
he was exiled, exhorting the magistrates of Soissons
to join the Parliament and refuse to acquiesce in
the King's demands.

The pun at present is "que le grand baillage
est & St. Cloud"—that is, they are very dull there
and yawn a great deal, and that " Les gardes
Frangaises sont des garde-robes."

Canterbury, June izth.

Sailed for England, and slept at Canterbury.
The country in high beauty. The limpidity of
the streams, neatness of the gardens, beauty of
the women, and elegance of almost every vehicle
when compared to those we left in France, struck
me forcibly on my return to Old England.

The court and cloisters here are kept very
spruce, and the reverendissimi seem to be comfort-
ably quartered. The few remaining ruins of St.
Augustine's monastery and its vast enclosures vouch
for its former splendour. The cathedral is a light
Gothic pile; the eastern part much more ancient
than the rest, being in the Saxon or Norman